Our Farm is situated approx.15km from Chandigarh, on Chd – Kurali road. Location 1 km from Majri-Block, adjacent the bridge. We have been engaged in Organic Farming from the very beginning  (22 yr). BTN Organic Farm is a fully Integrated Farm completing the full cycle of Life.  

All our activities are in complete sync with Nature, comprising of :  
  - Dairy Farm for Organic-Milk  (Desi Cows, buffaloes, goats)  
  - Chicken for Organic-Eggs  
  - Organic Vegetables & Fruits  
  - Organic Grains, Atta etc  
  - Agro-Forestry for improving Air & Soil quality    
  - Micro-Irrigation for Water-Conservation  
  - Green-Houses for cutting down Global-Warming  
  - We compost all our farm generated waste  
  - We are totally dedicated towards Environment Preservation  
  - We are totally dedicated to improving Human Health & Happiness  

Our Mission & Vision

• Preserve Human HEALTH & Happiness
• Preserve ENVIRONMENT for us and for our Next-Generation
• Build soil-health, through bio-diversity & permaculture
• Promote love for NATURE

- Sale of Organic-Vegetables, Organic-Milk and other Farm produce.
- Daily Home Delivery in Chandigarh
- At Farm Sales
- Organized Farm Visits and Picnics

You are invited for Free-Consultation & Discussions on following topics:
  -  Difference between Organic & Non-Organic foods
  -  All about ORGANIC (Natural) Farming

Common Human-Concerns :
  - Rapidly Deterioration of Health in past 50yrs
  - Depleting Body-IMMUNITY
  - Children’s Health

Invitation to Children for Guidance, Knowledge & Discussions on flwg. Topics  :
 - Understanding NATURE
 - Global Warming
 - Environment Preservation
 - Keeping FIT & Healthy
 - Healthy EATING
 - Boosting IMMUNITY